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Give your baby the best love.

The baby's happy growth is the source of our efforts. Baby is comfortable, mother is relieved. We provide one-stop maternal and child shopping experience, and care for your baby every day. Hibobi, be a trusted brand for mother.

Brand Materialization

The brand regards two penguins as display vector shape, one is big and the other is small. The big penguin guards the little penguin, which perfectly portrays the vivid image that parents care for the healthy growth of the baby

  • Guard
  • Care
  • Safety
  • Health

# Brand Concept #

Hibobi regards "health and comfort, design sense, concentration, family-like care" as a service concept, delivers the sincere and delicate maternal love to the baby through a comfortable tactile touch, and transmits the sense of security and trust to the mother.

We choose natural and harmless high-quality fabrics, adopting green and environmentally-friendly printing and dyeing technology, provide safe and healthy growth for the baby. Hundreds of designers from around the world combine fashion and safety to create the design that fits the baby's body, paying attention to the details and craftsmanship, giving children and mothers the softest touch and the most comfortable experience. We will be full of deep love that touches the soul, whether it is from the design of each product to the production and packaging, or each process, from the needs of parents and baby

Hibobi regards family-like care as a service concept, giving love and warmth, allowing babies just like little penguins to thrive in the warm care and care of the penguin mother.

# Main Products #

  • Clothing

  • Children's clothing and Shoes

  • Maternal and Child supplies

  • Toys

  • Maternity products

Market Positioning

Parents’ favorite one-stop high-end maternal and child shopping brand.

Brand Value

Provide high-end products and services that combine health, safety, childishness and creativity for mothers & children.